Agile Software Factory for Oracle ATG

Accelerate the development, testing and
deployment of eCommerce applications running on Oracle ATG platform

Qubell joins forces with Grid Dynamics to help online retailers running Oracle ATG gain a competitive edge by reducing cycle times from months to days. The Agile Software Factory for Oracle ATG helps IT teams move faster by giving them a managed infrastructure to create ATG environments on demand, so they can continuously create, test and deploy new features.

Agile Software Factory for Oracle ATG Reference Architecture
Elements of the Agile Software Factory (ASF) for Oracle ATG Solution

Oracle ATG sandbox:

The Oracle ATG sandbox offers a one-click deployment of a full Oracle ATG infrastructure on EC2 out of the box, complete with Endeca, Reference Store and Business Control Center. The sandbox supports a one-click code update from a GIT repository, integration with Selenium Grid for behavioral testing and more. It is designed to be extendable to deploy on other public and private clouds. Available through the Qubell Bazaar under an Apache 2.0 open source license.

ASF design services:

ASF architects, armed with blueprints and reference architectures, will work with your team
to design your custom Agile Software Factory, including:

The result is a set of design specifications and a development road map to construct a fully
automated agile software factory for your organization.

ASF implementation services:

A team of experienced automation engineers will supplement your in-house devops team
to build a turnkey, ready to run Agile Software Factory. In particular, they will deliver:

ASF Managed Services & Help desk:

Running an Agile Software Factory is a 24x7 operation that requires a dedicated support team of
Dev-ops specialists. A trained ASF operations personnel will ensure that your Agile Software Factory
delivers new applications, services and features to support the business. Specific services include:

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