Meet the Team

Victoria Livschitz
Victoria LivschitzFounder and CEO
Victoria is a serial entrepreneur, architect, technologist and trailblazer. Before co-founding Qubell, she founded Grid Dynamics to bring next-generation scalable eCommerce platform solutions based on open source, big data and cloud computing to online enterprises. Under her leadership as CEO, Grid Dynamics has become a successful, fast-growing services provider of next-generation, mission-critical technology platforms to Fortune 500 eCommerce companies. She continues to serve as Executive Chairman of Grid Dynamics.

Victoria’s accomplished technical career includes a decade at Sun in principal technical roles such as Principal Architect of Sun Grid, the world’s first public cloud, and Senior Scientist at Sun Labs. She also spent five years as Sun’s Chief Architect for GM. Victoria started her career as an HPC engineer at Ford Labs and reliability engineer at Allan Bradley.

A youth chess champion in Lithuania and founder of Livschitz Chess Academy Victoria holds several patents in distributed computing and numerous engineering excellence awards, including Sun Systems Engineer of the Year and the Ford Chairman Award. She received bachelor’s degrees in computer science from Case Western Reserve University, and she attended graduate programs in electrical engineering at Purdue University and computer science at Stanford University.

Stan Klimoff
Stan KlimoffFounder and CTO
Stan is a passionate software engineer who is responsible for the technology vision behind Qubell as well as all aspects of product development for the company. He brings 10 years of experience in programming languages, distributed computing, cloud enablement, and technology management.

Prior to Qubell, Stan was VP of Product Development at Grid Dynamics, where he ran the company’s cloud research and development activities and led the creation of pioneering cloud systems for technology leaders such as Cisco, eBay, and Seagate. He also managed the development of next-generation systems for emergent technology companies entering the cloud market across a wide range of industries, including security & compliance, enterprise storage, and high-performance computing.

Stan started his career as a software engineer building distributed online applications for Selectosa Systems, an outsourcing company. He holds a master’s degree in computer engineering from the Saratov State University, Russia. While working toward his degree, he performed network and IT administration, network engineering, and software development duties for the Saratov State University Internet Node.

Avery Lyford
Avery LyfordChairman
As a senior executive, advisor, investor, and board member, Avery has worked with both large and small technology companies with a consistent goal of driving high growth. He founded Propell Solutions to work with breakthrough companies and maximize their value. Avery runs business development for LEAP Commerce (social/mobile commerce), led business development for Makara (cloud computing — sold to Red Hat), and was Chairman of Angstro (social networking — sold to Google). He is also an advisor to AppFog (Java/PHP cloud platform) and Nor1 (hospitality technology).

Prior to founding Propell, Avery was the CEO of two venture-backed startups — Digisense and Linuxcare — focused respectively on cloud computing and virtualization. Avery was on the founding team of IBM’s x86 server business and ran product management as that business grew from inception to $1.4B.

Avery has a master’s degree in computer engineering and has sold cookware door-to-door. He is a mentor at Founder Institute and has lectured at Stanford, Silicon Valley Bank’s CEO Accelerator, Alliance of CEOs, and several other forums. He continues to work to foster entrepreneurship and is the Chairman of Silicon Valley’s Churchill Club.

Eugene Horohorin
Eugene HorohorinVP, Operations
As Qubell’s VP of Operations, Eugene oversees a wide range of company operations across multiple time zones. His ultimate responsibility is to make the company “tick” — applying his financial, managerial, and security expertise to improve the effectiveness of company operations on a daily basis.

Eugene previously worked at Grid Dynamics, joining the company as its first Director of IT and building its IT infrastructure from the ground up. Later at the Grid Dynamics, he was a Director of Operations, responsible for the back office services across the Russian Engineering Centers of the company.

Before Grid Dynamics, Eugene was a Senior System Administrator at Farheap Solutions Inc., a technology-focused incubator company with operations in software development, manufacturing, printing, and graphic design. He earned a master’s degree in nonlinear processes from Saratov State University, Russia.

Dmitry Ornatsky
Dmitry OrnatskyDirector, Product Development
As Director of Product Development Leader for Qubell, Dmitry is responsible for running day-to-day activities of the engineering team that develops and supports the Qubell Adaptive PaaS. In addition to his management duties, Dmitry is the leading technical architect of the Qubell Collaboration Portal and its supporting services.

Dmitry joined Qubell from Grid Dynamics, where he was a Senior Software Engineer. Previously, he worked for EPAM Systems, the number-one software services and solutions provider in Central and Eastern Europe, most recently as Chief Software Engineer. Earlier in his career, he was an engineer for OJSC VNIPIGazdobycha and a technical support specialist for Billingovie Informsistemy Ltd.

He received a specialist certificate and a master’s degree in applied mathematics and informatics at Saratov State University in Russia, and he earned Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) certification from the Windows Communication Foundation.

Anton Panasenko
Anton PanasenkoSolutions Architect
Anton is responsible for creating technical solutions and blueprints to make customers successful with Qubell technology and make sure that the end-to-end implementation delivers on the promise.

Previously, Anton was a Team Lead and Senior Engineer for Grid Dynamics, responsible for managing the development of the company’s IaaS cloud and SaaS/PaaS platform. Earlier, as an engineer at Grid Dynamics, Anton developed a number of key technologies and applications for the company’s large ecommerce enterprise customers.

He began his career as a freelance developer of mobile applications. He earned a specialist certificate and a master’s degree in programming and applied mathematics from Saratov State University, Russia.