Continuous Delivery for eCommerce Applications

Test, upgrade and scale eCommerce applications in one click

Application Delivery, Re-imagined

eCommerce platforms are sophisticated mission-critical systems that must deliver a phenomenal user experience across all channels, process thousands of product searches per second, and withstand a massive surge of traffic on Black Friday. They also have to rapidly evolve to keep up with industry innovations. Qubell radically simplifies and accelerates the development, testing and deployment of eCommerce applications for the biggest eCommerce sites in the world.

Ratnakar Lavy, CTO of Kohl’ speaking about the transformational power of continuous delivery with
Victoria Livschitz, CEO of Qubell, during keynote address to CloudExpo, Silicon Valley 2014.

Solutions for Oracle ATG Customers

Oracle ATG is the powerful eCommerce platform behind many leading retail sides. It’ also notoriously difficult to provision, configure and upgrade. Qubell has developed a number of accelerators for the ATG platform. Qubell solutions automate the most complex operations, including providing one-click self-provisioning of development sandboxes and certified test environments, keeping them updated with every build, 
and simplifying the delivery of new features to production.


Cloud sandboxes for ATG and Endeca

Developing ATG applications on a laptop is simply not practical for even moderately complex sites. Now developers can spin up multi-node ATG sandboxes – complete with Endeca, loaded with test data and connected to external services or their stubs on demand – and shut them down when no longer needed.

Continuous pipeline testing

Integrate CI tool like Jenkins with Qubell to keep your changes moving through a pipeline of tests executed in different environments. Qubell picks up the latest artifacts, upgrades the right environment with the new build,  and triggers the execution of a test set.

Dynamic test environments

Lack of test environments for regression, integration and performance testing is the leading reason for missed release deadlines. Qubell empowers your QA team to “print” as many test environments as needed – configured to the latest specification.

Continuous live upgrades

Push new changes to production often, in small increments. Qubell’s autonomic management platform can deliver individual updates or complex multi-component upgrades and invoke a set of health checks to verify success, or roll the changes back to the last stable configuration.


The most advanced devops platform for eCommerce

Our customers are the leading omnichannel retailers with sophisticated integration architecture consisting of customized commercial packages, home-grown applications and external services. Like them, you can accelerate your time to value by using the prepackaged components available on the Qubell Bazaar and supplement them with your own. Join the companies who have successfully turned these popular technologies into self-managed components of autonomic applications with Qubell: 

Trusted, available and secure

Security and availability is designed into every facet of Qubell architecture and operations to help keep the world’s largest corporations safe. 

  • SOC 2 compliant
  • Highly available control fabric
  • Highest-in-class portal availability SLAs
  • Premium and custom support plans available

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Read how this grocery chain used Qubell to accelerate it’s time-to-market with a new eCommerce platform based on SAP Hybris.


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